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I have actually cancelled my order and paid 10% of my order price just so that they didn't get my full business. I regret ever stepping foot in this place.

The owner was rude, the receptionist was rude and they gave me the biggest run around I have ever experienced. Any time I called, they acted as if asking when my order would be in was the biggest inconvenience. I'm considering taking them to court.

I "bought" my couches on the 2nd. I was told 10-14 business days. After 10 days or so, I called and was told that they would get there on the 19th (13 business days). When they didn't get there, the rude receptionist had "no idea" where they were, whether they had shipped from the facility, and couldn't give me any indication of what was going on - and this is AFTER the date they told me they would be in.

A week after, still not in. Speculated date now, Jan. 15th. 1.5 months does not equal 10-14 business days.

Even when I went in to cancel and pay the 10% purchase price, I was told three things: "Your order won't be in until the 15th", "your order is in today" and essentially that your order will be in this weekend (5th).

Not even a month later can they figure out when they'll be in!

Forget this place and go somewhere else. You'll thank me for it.

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Mattress Mack is a ego maniac and rude to all. His furniture is not all that and will take u for a financial ride if u let them. Too many other good furniture stores to go to and not be treated like your are beneath him and his staff.

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